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You are about to explore more then half a century of Arctic Marine History.

The Arctic Duchess, a retired Canadian Coast Guard ship, has undergone a transformation under the care of Arctic Duchess Adventures. With a legacy spanning over half a century of Arctic marine history, she stands as the resilient beacon of an era, proudly bearing the title of the oldest surviving steel-hulled ship on Great Slave Lake. In her rejuvenated form, she is more than a vessel; she is a living testament to the untamed spirit of the Arctic waters.


This 165-ton giant, originally christened as the CCGS Eckaloo in 1961 in the heart of Fort Smith, NWT, embodied the essence of a pathfinder (meaning of “Eckaloo”), guiding her crew through the icy embrace of northern waters. From Great Slave Lake to the Mackenzie River, and all the way up to the Arctic Ocean, she etched her legacy through Coast Guard activities. Crews spent months aboard, navigating the Arctic Duchess from one remote community to another, forging connections and creating enduring memories.


In 1988, a transformative multi-million-dollar retrofit extended her front bow, renaming her the Hay River 2, only to adopt her final identity as the Arctic Duchess in 1995. Despite her remarkable evolution, the vessel's heart beats with the echoes of history. Original blueprints, Chief Engineer logs dating back to 1968, and even the timeless wooden steering wheel have been meticulously preserved. There is an unspoken legend, whispered from one captain to the next, that Her Majesty, the Queen, graced this very boat during her historic visit to Yellowknife in 1994.


Now, under the stewardship of Arctic Duchess Adventures, this iconic ship embarks on a new chapter. She invites both locals and travelers to embark on an extraordinary journey, a unique opportunity to embrace the essence of the Canadian Arctic. Here, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and the dance of the Northern Lights, passengers will experience more than just a voyage; they will be enveloped in the warmth of authentic Northern hospitality and a shared passion for history. The Arctic Duchess sails not just as a vessel but as a living narrative, inviting all who step aboard to become a part of her remarkable tale.

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