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Remote But Close!

Embark on an unforgettable Aurora hunting adventure with Arctic Duchess Adventures, where your most cherished memories are waiting to be made beneath the dancing Northern Lights!

Picture this: a night sky ablaze with vibrant hues, a symphony of colors painting the Arctic heavens. Our exclusive experience ensures your safety while elevating your excitement to new heights, far from the usual crowded spots like the Ingraham trail or public boat launches. Nestled in the heart of the Sub-Arctic wilderness on Great Slave Lake, our secluded location offers a warm and spacious haven, shielded from the chill, where you can experience at the Aurora in peace. Imagine standing on the top deck of the historic Arctic Duchess, watching the Aurora adding a touch of magic to your Arctic adventure.

Let Arctic Duchess Adventures craft an aurora hunting experience that will last a lifetime!

Guest Highlights:

  • Stunning views of Great Slave Lake, Houseboat Bay, and the NWT wilderness

  • Optional Sauna and Cold Plunge package avaialble

  • Outdoor on-ice seating

  • Nightly bonfire

  • Full emersive onboard experiance with the Arctic Duchess

  • Maple Syrup on a stick

  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bannock

  • Electric plug-ins for devices.

  • Free souvenir patch 

  • Selfie and photo opportunities with the Duchess

Facility highlights:

  • Maintained ice road with ample parking and plug ins for operator vehicles and buses

  • Heated traditional outfitter tents

  • Minutes from Yellowknife with an easy and accessible location.

  • Heated washrooms

  • Onsite staff to assist in guest needs and questions.

  • Full off grid system with no reliance on city infrastructure for operation

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